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Peace Initiative:

Building upon the success of the Abraham Accords, Keter Gallery's owner Oriel Perel met with the King of Bahrain to deliver a new version of Daniel Kafri's sculpture "Dove of Peace."

This gift from the artist to the King is one of the many ways that Keter Gallery seeks to make an ongoing, meaningful contribution to advancing Peace and Prosperity around the world.

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Beitar Illit Installation:

In April of 2022, Keter Gallery is overseeing the installation of Israel's largest sculptural Menorah in the city square of Beitar Illit.

Designed as the crown jewel in the city's Five Stars of Beauty and created by master sculptor Daniel Kafri, the monumental sculpture is composed of 18 tons of Carrara marble and Italian bronze.


Mamilla Exhibition:

Beginning in April of 2022, Keter Gallery's Peace & Prosperity installation will be the featured open air art exhibition at Jerusalem's prestigious Mamilla Mall.

The installation features 4 large Italian Bronze sculptures created by master sculptor Daniel Kafri.

Standing on Padani Square at the Mamila entrance will be the exhibition's centerpiece Kafri sculpture: Doves of Prosperity.

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